Croc Encounters was established in January of 2005 as a sanctuary dedicated to rescuing unwanted reptiles. While crocodilians have always been our main focus we have extended our haven to unwanted reptiles, birds, and mammals. In addition to being a sanctuary we are an educational facility open to the public for guided tours and events.

In the summer of 2008 Croc Encounters opened its gates for guided tours after three years of hard work and dedication. Croc Encounters still continues to offer personal guided tours, tours for schools and groups as well as special events every day of the week.

Exciting experiences also extend beyond the facility grounds. Our education teams consisting of experienced handlers reach the community at events such as birthday parties, summer camps, school programs, library programs and more! Croc Encounters has offered educational programs, traveling exhibits and displays throughout the Greater Tampa Bay region as well as Nationwide since 2005.

Croc Enocunters is a working agritourism facility focused on education and conservation efforts for crocodilians and other reptiles.