nuisance wildlife removal


Croc Encounters offers animal removal and animal pest control services. We offer humane, non-kill and environmentally friendly removal options. While we deal with most pest animals including raccoons, squirrels, bats, moles, geese, etc. We specialize in SNAKE and EXOTIC REPTILE removal.


If you find a snake in your home or in your yard chances are it is probably harmless. However, if you feel that it must go Croc Encounters will help you deal with the situation in a humane manner. If you call us immediately someone will most likely be able to catch the snake and remove it from your property. Just remember most snakes are completely harmless and serve a great purpose in the ecosystem. Please do not kill snakes unnecessarily. Since some snakes are venomous and potentially dangerous its best to call a professional and let them deal with the problem. Call us as soon as you identify a snake situation! 813-217-4400

Exotic Reptiles

If you find an exotic reptile roaming through your yard or neighborhood we are available to help capture and remove the animal. We do not kill any exotic wildlife rather we will give it a permanent home at our sanctuary. Call us if you spot any exotic wildlife including lizards, turtles, tortoises, and snakes.

Nuisance wildlife incidents have increased over the years and as trained professionals we are here to assist you with these potentially time consuming, expensive and dangerous situations. We provide animal removal for the greater Tampa Bay region including Pasco, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. Call us for any animal removal issue 813-217-4400. Services start at just $50.