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You can donate your time and help us with sanctuary work.

Croc Encounters relies on volunteers for everything that we do. Volunteers help with care of animals, habitat construction,
grounds-keeping and education programs/fundraising.

What we seek in our volunteers is dependability, willingness to work hard and a desire to learn. Volunteers must be at least 13 years of age to volunteer and able to work with minimal supervision. Those under the age of 13 may work with a parent or guardian present. We ask that you please be available to volunteer at least one day a week for a minimum of four hours.

Please contact our volunteer services department at for more information and to start volunteering.

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animal care

Animal Care:

Croc Encounters houses numerous animals, half of which are American Alligators. These animals need daily care including cleaning of habitats, preparation of food, enrichments, and training.

Volunteers who have a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer time are invited to assist with animal care.

habitat construction

Habitat Construction:

With the constant influx of new animals, Croc Encounters is always under construction. Fence installation, concrete work, digging of ponds & painting, are a few of the tasks involved.



In addition to the animals at Croc Encounters, the plants also need care. Grass must be trimmed, mulch pathways weeded, new plants watered and pruned, and fence lines cleared. This is an important part of keeping our park clean and attractive.


Education Programs:

Volunteers have the opportunity to observe and eventually take a lead teaching role in educational programming on and off-site. All programs include live animal encounters and are done for groups of all ages. They also have the opportunity to help with fundraising and other events.

Print Volunteer Forms

Please print and fill out these forms and hold onto them.
Click here for the Volunteer Registration form, the Release from Liability form and the Media Release form.